exit wound in a foreign nation (dyfferent) wrote in globalswap,
exit wound in a foreign nation

Are these really for sale in Japan? I want one!


New sponge toothbrush whitens the teeth.
Household & Personal Products Industry • April, 2008 • International

* JAPAN: Dental care products maker Koeisha & Co. has introduced a sponge brush to whiten teeth, reports Nikkei Weekly, targeting the growing number of consumers who want to keep their teeth as white as possible.

The Dental Peeling Sponge is based on a patent held by Hiroshima University for the use of a synthetic resin, called melamine foam, to polish teeth. Compressed melamine foam consists of finer molecules than regnlar toothpaste, making it easier for the brush to remove stains even in minute holes on teeth. Scrubbing the teeth with the part of melamine foam sponge after wetting it with water can eliminate stains.

I'm in UK, anyone care to swap stuff?
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