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your international hookup
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Have you had a hankering for something you can only get in a foreign country?Are you an exchange student, longing for something that reminds you of home? An expatriate yearning after your favorite cooking spice? A tourist dreaming after something you fell in love with and can only get far away?

This is an international community with the aim of helping you hook up with people in different parts of the world to get what you've been longing for. Post where you live now, what you want and where it can be found, and hopefully someone will be able to help you.

The person helping you will probably want some sort of compensation- both the purchase price, and the post. Maybe you can work out an even trade. (Hence the "swap")Maybe you'll send money through paypal or something. Maybe you can make a surprise package.

BUT: (and this is very important) This community is only here to help you get in touch with people who can help you. We do not get involved with monetary disputes, or provide any sort of guarantee or legal recourse. This is STRICTLY between you and whomever you choose to help you find what you need.

So play safe. Be nice. Don't take advantage of anyone, or if we find out about it, you will be banned. Cause that's just a crappy thing to do. Also: you will be banned and your post removed if you post here asking for things that are illegal in your country. So no posts for people in Amsterdam or Christiana asking for pot, no posting for people in the Czech Republic asking for absinthe. Et cetera. Ad nauseum.

DO NOT post those self-info questionnaires as means of an introduction. You know the ones: age, favorite candy, favorite band, favorite color, favorite flower. They're obnoxious, and WILL BE DELETED. If you need to tell everyone all about yourself, please at least be original.

DO NOT post a long, rambling list of everything you've ever wanted in your whole entire life, or everything that interests you. Do not post a list of junk you've got lying around your room that you're willing to trade for something off of another long list of junk you want. This is similar to those self-info questionnaires mentioned above, and this is NOT THE POINT OF THIS COMMUNITY. If you'll read previous posts, you'll get a pretty good idea of what this is about. IE, I want x specific thing from y specific place, can anyone z help me?

DO NOT post advertising things for sale. This is a community for trading, not capitalizing.

If your post is Off Topic, ie a survey, posting thinga you have for sale, posting long lists of crap you've got around your house and want to trade, etc, IT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. I don't have time to write you a polite comment explaining that since you didn't bother to read this info, or chose to ignore it, your post's being deleted. (in which case, this statement is pretty obsolete, ha)

(Sorry to sound like such a jerk, but this gets really annoying.)